Google Adwords – Setup and Maintenance

Each time you look for a product or service using the Google online search engine you will see certain companies on the very top inside a highlighted area plus some down the right hand side. If you are using Gmail you observe companies that are advertised located on the right of the page content. Those are Google Adwords. They actually allow anyone to do targeted web marketing no matter the dimensions or the cost, you could have a Significant Online Presence!

The brilliant feature of Google Adwords is the capability to target your consumer  effectively and strategically. It’s possible to choose to market internationally or locally or possibly even target countries around the globe that you know could benefit from your products and services. It is also possible to manage whenever your adverts are displayed, for example: if you are closed throughout December then close down your company’s marketing campaign during that time or when you are offering room accommodations but are completely booked for certain time periods then rather activate your company’s advert through out your quiet times.

Google Adwords can be an online auction* to get the right to show your ad to some unique, interested Google user. In case he/she selects your advertisement, a sale within you and Google is happened (cost per click advertising). The visitor’s interest is illustrated from the keywords within their Google search bar.

You’ll be able to spend as much or as little as you want. The application, using your selected keywords as well as budget, goes into the public sale on your behalf 24/7. Your online advertisements direct visitors to your business website, blog or phone line in which further communication happens


How Does Google Adwords work?

Google Adwords is basically a Pay Per Click advertising and marketing system. This means that it holds no costs to pose your ad, and you will only pay if someone clicks it.

You might have probably already noticed once you search for one particular thing on Google, there will be ads shown towards the top and down the right side. This happens to be Google Adwords.

In which your advertisement is shown relies on your competitors, as well as how much they are willing to invest. If for example, your competitors is willing to spend $2 each and every time someone selects their ad, then you need to bid $2.50 so that you can get your ad on top of theirs.

If setup right, Google adwords can be incredibly targeted. You can get your advertisement shown only when certain people search for specific words, and you could also even show several ads based on what was searched for. You can also restrict your advertisement away from being shown to specific geographic areas. This way, you’re not spending for clicks from those who are beyond your target visitors.

Google Adwords is extremely flexible, and holds you in control of the price. You choose the daily or monthly spend


As part of our package we will:

  • Setup your campaign 
  • Write your ads for you
  • Define and select keywords that will bring you business
  • Review your campaign
  • Provide Ongoing Management and adjustment of your ads based on performance


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