Best Tools for Performing A/B Split Test in WordPress

Everyone who operates a website wants better conversion- more Email signups, leads, downloads, sales, donations, memberships, or anything he tries to achieve with his web presence.

Did you ever think why some customers like to buy your products and others don’t? Did you consider why some users like to spend more time on your site and others leave instantly? Actually, the success of a website depends upon various factors like images, headlines, call to action, message and design. All these leave a great impact on the output. Nevertheless, it is very difficult to find out which one of them are effective or which one are not (for your site). The biggest question is how can you know that? The simple answer is, A/B Split Test!

In fact, A/B split testing is an important technique to know, what’s working for your site and what’s not. It helps you to take your business in the right direction and generate more revenue.

Here are some of the best WordPress split testing Plugins:

1. Title Experiments Free

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

Active installs: 1,000+

Cost: Free

title experiments free

Titles are important because they attract people and encourage them to go through your articles. If the title of an article is unattractive, users don’t read your site’s content and leave quickly. This Plugin enables you to try different variations of the post titles and obtain a higher click through rate easily. You can display several versions of an article title randomly.

This will help you to know which version of the post titles gets the most clicks. This powerful tool can enhance the average time (of visitors) on your site and reduce its bounce rate substantially. This will enhance the user experience on your site and improve its ranking in major search engines.

2. SES Theme Split Test

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

Active installs: 100+

Cost: Free

A/B split testing

The design of a website plays an important role behind its success. If you choose a high-quality SEO friendly WordPress theme with quick loading time and good design, it will definitely perform much better than a poorly coded theme. Therefore, you need to choose the best theme for your site to fascinate users.

SES Theme Split Test plugin helps you to conduct A/B split testing with your theme choices. If you have more than one template, you can use this Plugin to know which template have a better conversion. You can also keep an eye on the activities of templates using custom segments in Google Analytics.

3. Optimizely

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

Active installs:3,000+

Cost: Free


Optimizely is a useful A/B split testing tool that improves the performance of your site up to a great extent by giving you an idea about what is working for you and what is not. When you use this Plugin, you can easily create headline variations, compare their performance, and launch winners in an easy way without doing any kind of coding. If you use this Plugin correctly, it can help you to increase your revenue by leaps and bounds.

4. Marketing Optimizer for WordPress

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

Active Installs:200+

Cost: Free

Marketing Optimizer for WordPress

Marketing Optimizer for WordPress is designed for conversion rate optimization. It offers a wide range of features that makes A/B tests for your online store an easy task. Its features include compatibility with all the popular caching plugins such Quick Cache, WP Super Cache, and W3 Total Cache and Gravity Forms integration

Just use this plugin and find out how two different versions of your site perform. You can set up A/B tests for a number of pages quickly and can monitor conversions using shortcodes by placing them on any page. With this Plugin, you can test all aspects of your site and choose the best performing version in an easy way (for your users).

5. WordPress Calls to Action

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

Active installs:10,000+

Cost: Free

WordPress Calls to Action

WordPress Calls to Action is an amazing Plugin which enables website operators to track conversion rates and run A/B or multivariate split tests on calls to action. You can use the plugin directly on the website or with WordPress leads and WordPress landing Pages to make calls to action and keep a close eye on conversion rate.

This Plugin is equipped with a library of CTAs. The incorporated Visual Editor helps you to make necessary changes in your site (after tracking conversion rate) to boom your business.

6. Convert Experiences

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

Active Installs:200+

Cost: Free

Convert Experiences

A/B testing for WordPress websites is simple with Convert Experiences. This Plugin automatically sends details (such as tags, category ID, category name, page name and page type) to Convert Experiments. You can make use of advanced filtering and segmentation to conduct any kind of test you want. For this, the plugin installs a little bit of javascript on each of your WordPress site’s page. It enables the Plugin to implement split URL tests effectively.

7. Simple Page Tester

Availability: WordPress Plugin Directory

Active Installs: 4,000+

Cost: Free

Simple Page Tester
Simple Page Tester enables websites owners to conduct split tests in WordPress without editing any code. This plugin is user-friendly and is equipped with some SEO components for monitoring how well your site is performing with different search engines.

Additionally, this Plugin is totally compatible with the biggest caching Plugins. So, you don’t need to get worried about breaking your site’s cache when A/B split test is on.


There are numerous tools for all those who are looking for tools to conduct A/B testing on their websites. In fact, implementing A/B testing on your website is a complicated and time consuming work. The above mentioned plugins for WordPress can help you conduct split tests easily.

Author Bio: Lucy Barret is a talented blogger and an experienced Web Developer with over 5 years experience. She is currently working at HireWPGeeks and managing PSD to WordPress conversion projects