About Wicked Web Design

Wicked Web Design was founded by Wade Cockfield and has grown to be one of Perths most respected web companies.

Wade had a new vision for the web. He constantly found himself struggling to fit into corporate structure, but had a love of seeing his clients get results with their websites.

Since 2006 he has helped many companies and individuals get leverage and income from the web and this is reflected in the companies mission statement:

“Wicked Web Design produces quality online business websites so business owners can run their businesses better. Each of our clients will have access to both the very best in website management facilities and also our innovative online marketing strategies.” With the companies growth we are always on the look out for talent in the areas of Sales, Project Management and Operations. If you would like to work with us then please send you CV to [email protected]

Why should you speak to us?

1.We have 6 years of web marketing experience with intricate knowledge of online technologies and systems

2.We are a member of the Local Chambers of Commerce and Industry and won the New Business of the year award 2010

3.We have a proven record of delivering websites which bring a return on investment – most of our websites have paid for themselves many times over

4.We put 5% of our profits back into the community by sponsoring education and child health activities in 3rd world countries

5.Our mission is to personally be responsible for your websites success and to help you realize the online potential of your marketing

6.We are passionate about using technologies they are open to the market so you be rest assured the horror stories about being locked in to a provider don’t happen to you

7.We have marketing training – our designers build sites based on your market and work with you to make the design of your website as effective as possible and within you budget

8.We will constantly stay in touch with you and monitor latest market trends so you don’t fall behind

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